More Complete Combustion with Hydrogen Catalyst System – Revolution in Combustion Technology!

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Why Commercial Hydrogen?

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We Attack the Problem at the Source:

All pollution is caused by unburnt fuel due to incomplete combustion. Complete the combustion process and you will kill the pollution problem.

It’s that simple!

All profits lost due to fuel waste is caused by incomplete combustion-Complete the combustion process and you kill unnecessary fuel cost losses. It all starts in the combustion chamber. Commercial Hydrogen resolves the problem by attacking it at its core-the combustion process.

Treat the Cause of the problem-NOT the symptoms.

The cause is incomplete combustion. The symptoms are pollution, overheating, carbon deposits and engine downtime.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Low Cost - No Cost Maintenance:

At Commercial Hydrogen we believe that saving fuel costs, cutting pollution, and extending engine life should be easy. Easy to install and easy to maintain. No one wants a new headache to babysit. We have made the process virtually seamless. All it takes to maintain the system that is spitting out profits is a simple 2 minute refill every 8 weeks during your regularly scheduled maintenance cycle.

Our WorK

If you are running a Semi Truck, Yellow Iron-Mining Equipment, Gen Sets and burning tons of fuel to transport or produce good for the marketplace, we believe you cannot afford not to explore the possibilities of your new profit centers with Commercial Hydrogen

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What our customers say

These are actual customers enjoying the benefits of Commercial Hydrogen Generation.

“The new System is incredible. The gains have been as high as 17%. Our guys that have been driving for 30 years are impressed and speechless with the use of the new system.”

Carl Kiser | Aaron's Freight, Inc.